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Fully on-chain generative NFTs for you to own, or to share 🌼
All the flowers have been minted from the flower shop and delivered to their respective addresses 🌺 You can still get them if the owners decide to sell their flowers in the secondary flower shops

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  • “There are always flowers for those who want to see them” ~ Henri Matisse

OCC#1 🌺 Flowers is a collection 4096 programatically generated on-chain flowers, for you to own or to share. Each flower is 100% generated on-chain, including it's metadata. No ipfs/arweave, no external rendering script. Just SVGs created by the contract.

What is the roadmap?

We are florists, and this is a flower shop. Buy art you like, appreciate & resonate with. But if you care, the 1 in occ#1 is there for a reason.

What about the traits?

Again, ser, we've talked about this. This is a flower shop 💐 Some flowers are nice. Some are too nice. The rest, are just the right amount of nice. To keep, or to gift 🫂 Call your mom/dad/friend/lover, buy them a flower. Then explain to them what nfts are. Buuut if you really wanna know – we've put in an extensive amount of work in setting up numerous traits, with predictable amounts of rarities built into the contract 🧑‍🔬Check your flower on opensea, when minting starts. Since all flowers are randomly generated on-chain, we'll find out the precise rarities of your flower at the same time you do.

What's on-chain?

Most recently popularized by the Loot Project, on-chain implies that the ingredients that make up your NFT art, its metadata, and the image/animation/etc. itself are generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain – which to us is mind-blowing and fascinating. Other examples of this include Blitmap, Anonymice & OnChainMonkey.

So.. what?

"Most NFTs hold only the metadata and ownership information and then link to an external service for the actual asset. This is mostly fine, however the service storing that asset may disappear or the data go corrupt. Probably not, but maybe. Even if the (minting website) disappears at some point, (on-chain NFTs) will be around as long as the blockchain itself." – excerpt from cranes.supply

What is the On chain collective?

OCC is more than a run-of-the-mill NFT art project. Our goal is to channel our love for art and technology, collaborate with other digital & traditional artists, and use completely on-chain tech to make beautiful NFT collectibles that, hopefully, make you happy 🌻Every NFT mint we do is 100% generated on-chain in the smart contract and lives on as an immutable ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain forever.

Our first mint (of season 1): flowers is a collection of beautiful flower NFTs that are programmatically generated at the precise moment you mint it 🌼



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